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History and present

In 1905, the radioactivity and healing effects of the local mining springs were verified. And the next year (1906) is considered as the very beginning of the spa tradition. The oldest spa facility „Kurhaus“, today's Spa Center Agricola, was ceremoniously opened in 1911 and was named after Dr. Georg Agricola, German geologist and scientist, who studied the effects of the local minerals in 1527-31.

The modern Aquacentrum Agricola was added to the historical building in 2009 and was extended ten years later by a unique mine themed complex of several saunas with interiors inspired by the mining history of the city and referring to the healing effects of the local radon water. The goal was, and still is, to attract all active visitors of the Ore Mountains into the heart of the spa and connect this way the spa with the surrounding nature and mountains.In the Spa Center Agricola you may find a rich offer of treatment: classical or beauty massages, baths with various additives and other spa procedures. The salt cave, fitness center and solarium are definitely worth a visit, too.

Spend the time between the procedures by visiting the exhibition on the history of the city and its spa in the gallery above the entrance hall. We are looking forward to your visit!

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Lázeňské centrum Agricola
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