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Enjoy maximum relaxation in the very best situated hotel in Marienské Lázně. You can enjoy wide offer of wellness treatment and thai massages. 

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Sun palace spa & wellness

Thai massages

Blood circulation, digestive tract function and skin condition improvement. Swelling is reduction, toxins removal, overall disappear of tension and improvement of tendon elasticity. Receive all these positive body efects thanks to Thai massage.

Sun palace spa & WEllness

Wellness treatment offer

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This treatment is based on inhaling oxygen-enriched air (the oxygen rate is 40 – 60%). The air has an adequate level of humidity in order to prevent the dehydration of the patient’s mucus membranes. The air is inhaled either by a nasal cannula or by a special face mask. Application of oxygen increases the quality and length of life and improves the patient’s ability to tolerate physical stress. It also decreases the medium pressure in the lungs, prevent from lungs hypertension and from the development of cor pulmonare („lungs heart“.) By providing the oxygen therapy in several stages we try to increase the amount of oxygen in patient’s blood and thus to treat some diseases and disorders caused by older age or by long-term improper regimen of living. Oxygen therapy has a wide range of effects and has proved in finishing the treatments of conditions after apoplexy (brain stroke), heart attack or other operations. It is effective in cases such as ischemic heart disease, arrhythmia (irregular heart beat), attacks of angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis, disorders of blood supply to the brain, forgetfulness and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

11 EUR

30 min.



During this therapy, an aerosol mist is created using special ultrasound equipment. When being inha¬led, the mist has a positive effect on the patient’s upper and lower respiratory tracts. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the size of the aerosol particles inhaled and the active ingredients contained in the solution used to create the mist. In our spa centre we use so called Bořík solution with a high content of anise or a healing mineral water called Vincentka. The main effect of inhalation is moistening the respiratory ways and their cleansing.

10 min.

Pearl bath

The bath should be hypothermic (28°C – 34°C). The bath is more efficient at lower temperature. An active hyperemia arises in the places where the skin is in a contact with the bath. Capillaries dilate there and the effect is the same as with autotransfusion to the periphery. The blood supply to the skin is sufficient, the perception of cold is decreased and the initial sensation of cold is replaced by a sensation of warmth. With regard to its minimum heat strain the treatment is suitable for many disorders such as heart and vascular diseases or afflictions of nervous or blood circulation systems.

15 EUR

15 min.

Underwater massage

It is a massage provided in a water environment. It combines the effects of a total thermal bath and a masage. It helps with relaxation of the muscles, blood supply to the skin and stimulates the lymphatic system. It also improves mobility of the joints and soothes the pains in the locomotor system.

25 min.

23 EUR

Peat lining

It is a hyperthermal treatment using a natural healing substance called „peloid“ prepared in one-time compresses, which are heated to 46°C and then put on the treated parts of the body according to the doctor‘s prescription. The specific heat of the peloid is transferred to the patient's body and the treated places are intensively heated up. The peat compress causes increased blood supply in relevant parts of the body, releases the tension and accelerates absorption. Due to the heat the connective tissues are softened, the ligaments, fascias and joint capsules are released. This treatment is an ideal preparation before other therapies, for example before individual exercise therapy.

20 min.

16 EUR

Parafin wrap

The hands or feet are repeatedly (3 to 5 times) dipped into molten paraffin for a few seconds. The temperature of paraffin is about 52°C. You let the paraffin drip off and then you put the hands or feet into a polypropylene or plastic bag and put terry mitts over the hands so that the heat can impact for longer time. The layer of paraffin heats up deeply small joints of the hands, treats the skin, releases the stiffened muscles and joints and improves the blood circulation. This treatment is useful for diseases of the locomotor system and rheumatoid arthritis because it leads to maximum blood supply to the periphery.

15 min.

11 EUR


11 EUR


Cleopatra´s bath

This relaxation bath with temperature 340C – 370C is suitable for dry skin. The bath consists of whey, ethereal oils and mineral water. It is nourishing and has a very pleasant smell (its unique aroma is prepared by our own recipe.) The skin keeps very smooth and soft after the bath. A special type of this bath is Cleopatra Honey Bath (alias Honey Dream) where only honey oils are used.

20 min.

30 EUR

30 EUR

Chocolate bath

It is a hyperemic bath the temperature of which is about 370C and which is prepared from Holland cocoa, almond oil and an addition of ethereal oil. The bath has an anticellulite efect. It also cares about the skin over whole body and supplies the body with many valuable vitamins and minerals.

20 min.

Herbal bath

New description is beeing prepared.

28 EUR

20 min.

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