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"Yoga has a complete message for humanity. It has a message for the human body. It has a message for the human mind, and it also has a message for the human soul."

Everyone can exercise, children, young people, middle-aged people, seniors, healthy people and sick people. It is necessary to find a style that is suitable for you and, in particular, to set aside time for regular exercise.

The countless benefits that regular yoga practice brings include strengthening and stretching the whole body, relaxation, stress relief, inner peace and overall balance, more energy and zest for life, weight reduction and many others.


Pilates improves muscle control function, body flexibility, strength and breathing.

Pilates is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the whole body, especially the deep abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles. Because the method emphasizes the strengthening of the deep abdominal muscles as a support for the spine, the spine is less strained. All movement here comes from a stable center - the so-called. Powerhouse (power center) to all peripheral parts of the body

This approach to exercise is extremely effective, but at the same time demanding on details and the feeling of movement. The body gradually strengthens and gains new stability, the back straightens and the new way of breathing provides more oxygen in the lungs. The deep abdominal muscles, which cannot be trained by conventional techniques, are activated and a firm flat abdomen is built. The distribution of subcutaneous fat changes, excess weight decreases. The change is evident at first glance from the posture, gait and aesthetics of movement.

Nordic walking

This is one of the healthiest sports where you engage the muscles of the whole body, while the impacts are cushioned by sticks, which also help to involve the upper body in walking. This sport is really suitable for almost everyone from seniors to top athletes. The load for everyone is given individually, according to their possibilities and abilities.

When walking with poles and following the correct technique, you engage 90% of all muscles in the body, thereby increasing energy burning. Compared to walking without sticks, you can burn 40%-60% more energy, which you can use, for example, to reduce weight. As we have already mentioned – with the right technique you will improve your health and Nordic walking has a very positive effect, especially for back and joint pain.

You will meet new people, experience new adventures. You will discover movement that will help you improve your psyche, fitness and musculoskeletal system.

Aqua fitness

Aquafitness refers to physical activities performed in water. They use water resistance, which is greater, the more intense the exercise.

Water is a wonderful environment for exercise and aquafitness can be handled by people of all ages and with different physical fitness, swimming competence or physical performance. "Water exercise is much more effective than that done on 'land' because of the resistance of the water." Thanks to the fact that water floats the body, it is also much gentler, especially to the joints and tendons.

Reservations for lessons are required in advance. The reservation can be cancelled no later than on the day of the lesson until 14:00, then the payment is forfeited.

The minimum number of participants is 5, if the minimum number is not occupied, the lessons are canceled.