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The President Hotel Prague is an ideal place for company events, management meetings or training seminars.

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Combined rooms Kafka I. & II. with max. capacity of 200 attendants

Connecting of conference room Kafka I. and Kafka II. creates an area with a capacity for 200 people in theatre layout. These two rooms may be separated by a movable soundproof wall and are ideal for all types of events.

  • Meeting room size: 210 sqm
  • Level: ground floor
  • Dimensions: 21 x 10 m
  • Ceiling height: 2,95 m
  • Equipment: Integrated Data projector & screen
  • Daylight: YES
  • Internet Connection: YES / WIFI
  • Aircondition: YES
  • Colums: YES / 3


Meeting space with 95 sqm and max. capacity 75 pax

Kafka I. can be connected to Kafka II. to create our largest conference room. Kafka I. is perfect for conferences, training sessions and seminars. The room includes a built-in screen and a projector.


Meeting space with 115 sqm and max. capacity 110 pax

The room has a built-in screen and natural light that guarantees excellent properties of the room. The layout of the room is flexible and can be adjusted to meet your needs.

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Combined rooms Neruda I. & II. with max. capacity of 114 attendants

Room Neruda is brand new conference space. Its connected meeting room Neruda I. and Neruda II. Its suitable for max. 114 attendants, it has no collums, provides daylight and modern equipment.

  • Meeting room size: 125 sqm
  • Level: ground floor
  • Dimensions: 15 x 11 m
  • Ceiling height: Neruda I. 2,9 m / Neruda II. 3,1 m
  • Equipment: Integrated Data projector & screen
  • Internet Connection: YES / WIFI
  • Daylight: YES
  • Aircondition: YES
  • Colums: NO


Meeting space with 100 sqm and max. capacity 100 pax

Neruda I. is the 2nd biggest conference facility in hotel The President. Up to 100 attendants fits inside in theatre style and the space can be connected via soundproof mobile wall with Neruda II. meeting room.


Meeting space with 26 sqm and max. capacity 18 pax

This small board room can be used as break-up room for private meetings during main conference, or space for conference calls, presentation desks and refreshment corner.

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Our only goal is to make your guests comfortable


Board Room with 32 sqm and max. capacity 10 pax

If you are looking for a place where your business will be successful on 100%, there is no better choice. As part of President Suite, its located on 5th floor with stunning view over the Prague Castle Panorama with private 50 sqm terrace.

  • Meeting room size: 32 sqm + 50 sqm terrace
  • Level: 5th floor
  • Dimensions: 7,5 x 4 m
  • Ceiling height: 2,7 m
  • Equipment: Flatscreen with conf-call equipment
  • Daylight: YES
  • Internet Connection: YES / WIFI
  • Aircondition: YES
  • Colums: NO
  • Extra equipment: Space is connected to Presidental Suite & large terrace with panoramatic view over Prague Castle

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Celebrate your success

Invite your business partners and clients to celebrate your cooperation with style.


Board Room with 32 sqm and max. capacity 22 pax

This room is recommended namely for small seminars, training sessions or discussions. It offers natural light and is located right next to the Kafka conference room. It can therefore be used also for coffee breaks, back office or workshops.

  • Meeting room size: 32 sqm
  • Level: ground floor
  • Dimensions: 7,5 x 4 m
  • Ceiling height: 3 m
  • Daylight: YES
  • Internet Connection: YES / WIFI
  • Aircondition: YES
  • Colums: NO

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  • Kafka 1 (max 75 pax.)
  • Kafka 2 (max 110 pax.)
  • Kafka 1+2 (max 181 pax.)
  • Neruda 1 (max 110 pax.)
  • Neruda 2 (max 18 pax.)
  • Neruda 1+2 (max 114 pax.)
  • Havel (max 10 pax.)
  • Hrabal (max 22 pax.)
  • Meeting Suite I. (max 8 pax.)
  • Meeting Suite II. (max 6 pax.)
  • Meeting Suite III. (max 8 pax.)
  • Meeting Suite IV. (max 8 pax.)
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