Spa Center Agricola


We offer two circuits of procedures in the Agricola spa center.


Mine themed saunas

Salt cave

Sports activities

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Types of procedures


Therapeutic procedures include the world-famous radon baths, which help to alleviate the symptoms of already formed musculoskeletal disorders or even eliminate them.


Wellness treatments help prevent various problems by relaxing your body and mind and helping you feel satisfied and energetic. In both cases, we offer a wide range to choose from.

Take a moment to relax and enjoy Thai massages that calm your body and mind. We have prepared a wide range of different types of traditional massages for you, everyone can choose! An experience of perfect relaxation with a taste of exotic Thailand.

 Or get to know the strength of acupressure points during reflexology massage of the soles of the feet, which by acting on individual points in the feet favorably affects the functions of internal organs and glands, the activity of the nervous system or motor system and thus harmonizes physical and mental processes.

In short, we have something for everyone who wants to feel better or wants to maintain their good feeling, so do not hesitate and book from our complete offer with prices HERE.

Radonová koupel
Velký výběr masáží
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daily: 09:00 - 21:00


Read the following terms.

You do not have to wear masks in swimming pools, inside saunas and in the Salt Cave.