We treat with radon water

The Jáchymov Spa was founded in 1906 as the first radon spa in the world.

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All about radon

The unique radon water effectively helps to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system. None of the European spas has such a high concentration of radon in natural mineral water as in Jáchymov. This makes our spa the most effective radon spa in Europe.


Jáchymov treatment

The basis of effective spa treatment in Jáchymov is a combination of unique baths in radon water and top rehabilitation. Based on the initial examination, the spa doctor will prescribe the most appropriate procedures using healing radon water, rehabilitation and physical therapy. Professionally managed spa treatment reduces the need for drug treatment and improves the quality of life for up to 8-10 months. To achieve the maximum therapeutic effect, doctors recommend taking 24 radon baths per year.


What is radon?

Radon, or 222 radon isotope, is chemically inert gas that rises in the depths of the surrounding Ore Mountains and dissolves in underground springs. It is a resource of soft ionizing alpha radiation. During radon bath skin is exposed to a sort of energetic shower of radon alpha-particles, and thus a chain of physiological reactions is initiated.  Radon penetration into blood circulation is minor and the biological half-life (working radon off the body) is 20 minutes (i.e. length of a radon bath itself).


Where does radon water come from?

Radon water is pumped 500 m underground in the Svornost mine, which was established in 1518 and today is probably the oldest functioning uranium mine in the world. Water from the springs is collected in a pool on the 12th floor, then pumped into an accumulation tank at a depth of 400 m underground and from it is then led through pipes with a total length of about 3000 m to individual balneotherapy facilities.


Brachyradium theraphy

A unique, more than 100-year-old treatment method that helps to alleviate pain for which the available remedies no longer work. It is a controlled application of gamma radiation directly to a painful joint, spine or tendon attachment. The source of radiation is radium salts placed in tubes. Radiation doses are accurately calculated and have pronounced anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. In indicated cases, radiation is applied 1x per stay.

Radon baths

Procedure Předpis** Radium Palace Běhounek Komplex Curie Lázně Agricola Time Price****
Radon bath with wrap* YES

20+10 min.*** 1 100 CZK
10 radon baths with wrap
(outpatient package in hotels
incl. doctor's prescription)
YES 11 000 CZK

* Radon bath can be purchased 1 trial or in a package of 10 procedures
** Only one radon test bath can be taken without a prescription
*** Dry wrap after bath
**** when providing baths on an outpatient basis at the Agricola Spa and in the hotels of accommodated guests, a discounted price of CZK 700 applies


Who is our radon water treatment not suitable for?

Radon treatment is not suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, as well as for children and teenagers under 18 years of age. It is not recommended for patients with active malignant tumors or those who are two years after surgery or other cancer therapy – unless the oncologist takes a positive opinion on radon treatment.

Therapeutic effects of radon


  • Low doses of radiation in the form of radon application cause a brief irritation in the body, which stimulates cells and organs.
  • The repair capacity of cells for hereditary disorders is improved by alpha radiation.
  • Radon or its subsequent products are saturated in adipose tissue and in the central nervous system during one treatment. This results in increased hormone production.
  • The effect of alleviating the pain of one radon treatment is related, among other things, to the release of endorphins (substances that relieve pain inherent in the body).
  • The immune system is positively affected. In patients with Bechterew's disease with degenerative joint diseases, radon baths normalized the initial reduced activity of defense cells.
  • The production of radical traps is increased. It destroys free radicals (undesirable metabolic products, which among other things play an essential role in rheumatic processes.


The total dose of radiation you absorb during your spa stay is no higher than when you have a single X-ray.  Spa Jáchymov  consistently pays attention to measures concerning the absolute safety of both the patient and the employee.

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