Brachyradium therapy

Worldwide unique pain treatment

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This is an almost century-old treatment.

It has already helped many people to relieve chronic back pain and large joints in arthrosis, rheumatology and other diseases for which the available drugs either do not work, or guests can not use them due to frequent side effects. If necessary, it will allow to delay surgical procedures, including joint replacements. This form of treatment is a world rarity, which can only be completed in the Jáchymov spa.

How is the procedure performed?

The therapy is applied in the Radiological Pavilion outside the spa houses. The premises in the building are specially adapted to provide this procedure (lead walls between the rooms). The building also houses its own radiological laboratory of the spa, which regularly measures the radon content in baths, monitors the radiation doses of employees and supervises compliance with prescribed procedures in therapies using the principle of radioactivity. All procedures are approved by the State Office for Nuclear Safety.

Under the supervision of a physician

Clients may undergo the procedure subject to the consent of their physician and its application is supervised by specialists and a radiologist. However, it is not a treatment administered upon the client's wish. The spa physicians are able to bring such relief to their patients that many return to Jáchymov Spa namely because of this old, traditional, yet unique and special treatment of the locomotor treatment, which alleviates various symptoms and concurrently improves the quality of life.


The method is not suitable for pregnant women or for individuals after previous ionising tumour radiation, with implants or damaged skin, more severe blood formation disorders, or within 6 weeks after the local application of corticoids.


Radiology Pavilion

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 07:00 - 14:30
Informations and appointments : +420 353 831 371

Procedure Prescription Radiology Pavilion Radium Palace Běhounek Cena
Compilation of a treatment plan by a doctor YES

1 370 CZK
Application to 1 irradiation field YES 1 800 CZK


Brachyradium therapy (BRT)

They are a world rarity, which can only be completed in the Jáchymov spa.

This form of treatment was carried out from 1911 in the Spa Building. In 1921, a new Radiative Pavilion was opened for the purpose of brachyradium therapy, which today bears the name Radiological Pavilion. Originally, it offered 8 comfortably furnished rooms for year-round operation.

In 1969, the boxes moved to the Astoria Spa Institute, in a part called Heiner.

In the mid-70s, the Radiological Pavilion (formerly called the Investigative Institute) underwent a major reconstruction and the building served for radiological therapy, diagnostics and biochemical laboratory for many years.

After reconstruction in 2015, the pavilion was reopened on 8 January 2016. On the 1st floor of the building there is a department of brachyradiumtherapy. The newly built rooms (11 single rooms and 1 double) offer patients modern facilities and comfort. Brachyradiumtherapy's own workplace, doctor's surgery and staff facilities were also renovated.

Who can take BRT

Brachyradium therapy may be completed by a patient on a therapeutic stay in the spa only on the basis of a doctor's recommendation or on an outpatient basis, on the recommendation of the attending physician who issues the K card.

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