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Overview of medical and wellness treatments

Radon baths

Brachyradium theraphy

Healing Sources

Treatment procedures

Wellness procedures


Doctor's performances

Physician procedures (at the request of the patient)

Radium Palace Běhounek  Curie Time Price
Examination by a doctor 30 min. 1020 CZK
Consultation with a doctor 25 min. 400 CZK
Injection 250 CZK
Administrative tasks 160 CZK
Doctor's visit in the room 700 CZK

Nurse performances

Nurse performances Předpis Radium Palace Běhounek  Curie Price
Electrocardiograph ANO 710 CZK
Blood sampling ANO 250 CZK
Bandage ANO 180 CZK
Injection ANO 240 CZK
Treatment and re-binding 250 CZK
Measurement of BP, pulse, body temperature 80 CZK
Glucose measurement with a glucometer 80 CZK

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