cihelny golf & wellness resort

Spa Academy Terms & Conditions

Respect the rules for your own safety


It is prohibited to cary own food into Spa Academy area. Private drinks are allowed only in plastic bottles. Please try to avoid loud speach in relaxation area, so other guests can also enjoy their time. Jumping into the pool, smoking, insufficient hygienic habitats or taking sharp objects are in Spa Academy Area forbidden. Same as access for all kind of home-pets (including accommodated clients).

Ten commandments & opening hours

Access to the Spa Academy is not allowed to people under influence of alcohol and drugs. People infected with any disease threatening the health of others visitors are also not allowed to enter Spa Academy area. This includes person affected by fever, cough, inflammatory diseases, skin diseases or any like contagious infectious disease.
  • Entrance into the Spa Academy is suitable only in bathrobe, bathing suits and appropriate footwear. Entrance into the gym is suitable only with appropriate sports clothing and sport shoes.
  • Please take a good shower before you enter Spa Academy Area
  • Pool & whirlpool is open daily 08:00 - 22:00
  • Water temperature: pool 28°C - 29°C, whirlpool 29°C - 30°C
  • Saunaland is open daily 10:00 - 22:00
  • Gym is open daily 08:00 - 22:00
  • Chlidren under 12 years are allowed in only together with another person over 18 years and under its permanent supervision.
  • Children under 3 years old only in a diaper panties.
  • Visitors might respect relax of other visitors of the Spa Academy. Please switch your ring-tone to mute on your cell phones when left in the room or cloakroom cabinet.
  • We strongly recommend to leave your expencives in your room safe, Front Office Safe or cloakroom cabinets. Hotel does not take responsibility in case of losts in public areas.
  • Entering Laconium, Herbal and steam bath is recommended for hygienic reasons without swim suite on. Into Finish sauna is swim suite strictly prohibited.
In case of breaking general conditions, client can be expelled from the Spa Academy Area without any compensation.