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Our experienced staff can recommend the right of the ever-growing menu of therapies and develop an individual program.

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pool suitable for muscle streching, aquaerobic etc.
ambulance for nurses and doctors
physiotherapist performs individual exercises, reflex massage, gas injections
inhalation, irrigation, Kneipp baths with mineral water, oxygen therapy, paraffin wraps, underwater massages
complete hydrotherapy,  dry massage bath
electrotherapy procedures, endovacotron, pneumopuncture, magnetotherapy, lymphatic drainage

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Traditional treatment and rehabilitation methods used Marienbad unique medicinal resources, such as Mary's gas, mineral springs (cold mineral water) and peat.

These natural resources are complemented by a modern wellness treatments, full of fragrance ingredients and herbal essences. Health aspects are combined with relaxation and wellness experience.

Wellness is the overall balance. It is a new industry, which is engaged in purely personal care and his physical health as well as stewing. Wellness is a lifestyle that helps prevent against negative influences of our time on human health.

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