Frequently asked questions

The recommended time of arrival is until 12:00, even before lunch it is necessary to go to the infirmary.

Term of treatment

Reservations are required.

Is the treatment safe?

You do not have to worry about radon water treatment. During the longest course (24 baths of 20 minutes each), the patient is exposed to radiation as in one standing chest X-ray.

Are the effects of radon therapy scientifically proven?

A number of studies document the effects. The most recent is a multicenter blind randomized study by Dr. Franke from Bad Elster, Germany, from 2013. The results showed significant pain relief in patients with osteoarthritis of the load-bearing joints after the end of treatment. In rheumatic inflammatory diseases, a significant reduction in pain with a long-term duration has been achieved. Someone even longer than 8 months. In most cases, the consumption of analgesics or other drugs will also drop significantly.

Does the Jáchymov Spa also offer a drinking cure or mud baths?

Drinking cure or mud baths are not offered by the Jáchymov Spa, our natural healing source is radon water in the form of whole-body baths.