Axxos Spa & Wellness

Axxos company has started as leader in spa-treatment in Carlsbad and later in Marienbad. It is based on top-class quality of treatment personell and professional leadership. Major part of our hotels has spa or wellness treatment section, which can be used by our guests for free…

the president
Wellness & Beauty

Let yourself to calm down and relax in our zen-spa and regenerate your energy after long day exploring the historical center of the old middle-european capital city. As part of total renovation of the hotel The President, management of Axxos Hotels & Resorts has deceided that range of services has to be completed with full-scale wellness, which includes inside pool and two types of sauna.

retro riverside wellness resort
Luxurious Wellness Centre

This is the place where all your dreams about a perfect relaxation will come true, where you will forget about the everyday worries and dive into the world of unique delight of your senses. You will find everything you desire in our luxurious two-floor wellness centre.

cihelny golf & wellness resort
Spa Academy

Welcome to a world full of relaxation, absolute peace, and intense experiences. In the unique, grandiose design of the spa academy, you can shake off all of your worries and recharge your batteries. Stretch your body in the 11-metre swimming pool, or let yourself be gently massaged by the jacuzzi bubbles. An integral part of the Spa Academy is the World of Saunas, including a laconium, a Finnish sauna, a steam bath, and an herbal sauna…

olympia spa & wellness
Olympia Spa & Wellness

Every guest of hotel Olympia can enjoy unlimited entry into hotel wellness, which dispose of large swimming pool with breathtaking view over the Theatre square and of course sauna. During curring long stay accomodation, full spa including all medical procedures of Carlsbad and doctor is available directly in the hotel. Hotel Olympia is one of the few hotels connected to healing springs sources, which means all water procedures are using healing abilities of Carlsbad mineral water.

dvorak spa & wellness
Professional Spa & Wellness

A beautiful indoor pool, sauna, steam room, gym and sports programme round off the programme of activities in the hotel. Tired? Exhausted? Feeling weak? We have the perfect treatments for you here – just book them during your stay at our Balneo Reception!

belvedere spa & wellness
Belvedere Spa

Spa hotel Belvedere belongs to the oldest spa-treatment houses of Marienbad. Quality and tradition has been proved by years even by danish queen. If you are coming for relax, you can enjoy hotel pool in the price of accommodation. Spa treatment and completely individual program will can be consulted with hotel doctor. You can find cosmetic and wellness procedures for improvement of your physical and inner harmony condition.

villa savoy spa & wellness
Villa Savoy Spa

Hotel Villa Savoy has under Axxos Hotels & Resorts management completely renovated spa treatment department in 2012. Today offers complete offer of all major treatments, massages and additional activities, which will help you to improve on your medical issues. Our Spa offers next to massages, wraps and bath procedures also various choices of wellness and cosmetic procedures. Enjoy them if you are coming just for relax to Marienbad.

villa regent spa & wellness
Villa Regent Spa

Hotel Villa Regent dispose with modern spa-treatment equipment with wide choice of traditional health and rehabilitation care, using unique Marienbad natural sources. Our profesionaly trained personel will be ready to analyze and recommend to you the very best procedures and treatment from our wide choice of relax procedures or prepare complete program exactly to your wishes. We offer also numerous packages, where everyone can simply choose the best. For top-class care, medical staff and hotel doctor is available at the hotel directly.

sun palace spa & wellness
Sun Palace Spa

Spa hotel Sun in Marienbad offers its visitors complete medical treatment and wide range of spa-treatment procedures. You can discuss your personal preferences with our hotel doctor directly in the hotel and set up individual treatment program just for you. In case you are coming just for relax-vacation, our hotel pool and sauna are available for you free of charge. Everything under one roof just few steps from main Spa Colonade of Marienbad.